"Vane, I want to tell you that, I am reading my Human Design report again. I did not want to stop thanking you, it seems magical to me as when reading, the questions, statements, it is as if the wisdom was coming down to me and it is like reconciling myself with a part of me, the one I always judged. I really thank you for your contribution, thank you for your inspiration and more than ever I know that you arrived at the right time. Thank you very much indeed, I bless you and I wish you much success in everything. QMEP? More of this please."

Andrea S., VIDENDA student + reading 1:1 2023.

"My dear Vane, there is no doubt that each of us comes to shine in countless ways in this world in this life, it's just that many times we don't even realize it because we are immersed in our "daily drama." Knowing you and realizing everything That shine that you share fills me with a lot of joy and expansion. My eyes are crystal clear with tears of happiness and my heart is expanded with love for so much contribution that I have received from you, since we found ourselves on this path. Receive your sessions, receive your energy and receiving your work has been something that has helped me a lot to know myself and connect more with myself, every day."

-Sandra J., VIDENDA 2022 student.

"This whole process is so magical to me, Vane!

I already feel like I'm creating so much and so lightly! I hug you, what an honor to have met you and VIDENDA!

Melissa K., VIDENDA 2022 student.